Ways To Prevent Your Email From Being Hacked

Your email is a powerful tool that you can use to communicate in work, in your business transactions and even among your friends. However, when you are not careful, you could get attacked and more and more people’s email have been attacked by hackers. If you are not careful, you could become a victim too. When your email gets hacked, it can be used in illegal transactions and hackers can attack the people that are in your contacts. Here are some tips to protect your email from being hacked.

Your email ID and your password are yours only

No company has the right to ask for your email id and your email either through unsolicited email or through a phone call. When someone asks this from you through phone, no doubt that person is a hacker. Never give it to them no matter what. They will use the email and password to access your account and will try to solicit money from your contacts, send spam emails and other bad things using your email. Protect your email id and password at all times.

11 Ways to prevent your Email from getting hacked

11 Ways to prevent your Email from getting hacked

Protect your computer at all times

If you don’t have an antivirus or any kind of protection installed in your computer, you are putting yourself to risk. Your email and your password can be attacked anytime. To protect yourself you must install your computer with antivirus programs. You don’t have to worry about payment because there are antivirus programs that can be downloaded and installed absolutely free. Be careful also of connecting to wireless networks. Always turn on your security features every time you connect to a wireless network.

Come up with a secure password

Sometimes, hackers don’t need to have your password. They can have your email address and try to guess your password among the common passwords used by many users. Never use your name, your spouse name, the name of your pet and your birthday as your password. Instead of using simple passwords try to come up with something that is very hard to guess. Most email companies today advice their users to use alphanumeric digits as their password. Use series of numbers and letters as a password. You can use a pattern but for safety reasons, use a random set of numbers and letters. You can even use special characters in your password. When you do this, you’ll have the hackers guessing what your password really is.

Your Email Could Be Easy to Hack!

Your Email Could Be Easy to Hack!


You are only prone to attack when you are not careful and vigilant in guarding your email and your password. Remember that prevention is still the best defense and one of the ways to prevent would be to install antivirus programs and turn on security features such as your Windows Firewall. You can also follow the tips listed above so you can browse the internet anytime anywhere without worrying about possible hacker attacks.

5 Simple Tips To Nail Online Dating

Dating can come in many forms, in whatever way the person asking for a date is comfortable. He could either be straightforward about it and just go up to a girl and ask her out, or do it subtly and slowly if he is not the straightforward type. But there is a new kind of dating that anyone can indulge in as long as you are not too young, this type of dating makes use of modern technology, it is called online dating.

Online dating may seem simpler than going out on an actual date since your only real form of communication is the internet, whether through chat or skype if you and the person you met want to see and hear each other online. But still even these could become a real flop, so here are some tips on how to have a successful online dating interaction.

Online Dating Tips For Smart Women

Online Dating Tips For Smart Women

Pick out your best pic

No pictures with a hat or sunglasses on, especially not ones that are blurry or are taken from a distance. Make sure your picture is as clear as day, so the person looking for a date will be able to get a good look at you. A good picture always promises a good start in online dating.

Message people who you think you fit their preferences

It is basically pointless to keep messaging random people and expect a reply you will never get. Look over their profiles carefully and think to yourself if you think you would be a great match for that person. They do put their preferences out in the open for a purpose. Sure you could be all confident that you will charm that person anyway even if you do not meet their preferences, but let us face it, it is a waste of time.

Do not make fun of your potential date

You might think you are coming off as funny and charismatic, or you could also come off as arrogant and a smartass that nobody likes. It is better to just keep it nice and casual, no making fun of what is on his/her profile because you do not know what this person actually finds funny or entertaining. If you want to get a date just be polite and be careful with your words.

Online Dating Tips For Men

Online Dating Tips For Men

Do not ask the obvious

The person filled up a profile for a reason, so you do not have to ask the most obvious questions. If he/she’s already filled out the likes and dislikes do not ask “so what are your likes and dislikes?” This is the chance to show the person you are really interested in him/her by asking more in-depth questions.

Wait patiently for a reply

You do not have to constantly check if the person you messaged is online or not and sit there staring at his/her profile for hours. Asides from it being creepy, you seriously have better things to do. And so does that other person, who chooses when it is an appropriate time for him/her to reply.

So good luck on your online dating endeavors! Hopefully these tips gave you a general idea on what to do and what not to do when online dating, and be able to help you find the right person online.

Preventing Iron-Deficiency In Children

Children are the future to our world. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every parent to ensure that their children are safe and healthy at all times. The health part should take precedence in this case.

Iron is a very essential nutrient for the growth and development of children. It helps by manipulating oxygen to move it from the lungs to other parts of the body. This will ensure that all organs will function efficiently and effectively.

Lack of iron in a child’s body is called iron-deficiency. The more iron is loss in the body may lead to a condition called anemia. It is the inadequate number of red blood cells used to carry oxygen to all parts of the body. Therefore, the effectiveness and efficiency of the body is jeopardized. All hands need to be used to prevent this from happening to children.

Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Parents need to be Educated on Keeping Children Healthy

It is very important for parents to be knowledgeable on what to do to keep their children healthy and away from health risks or problems. It is their responsibility to make sure they provide the right nutrients for their growth and development.

Use Iron-Fortified Formula or Breast milk

As the saying goes for mothers, breastfeeding is the most important food for children. This is true because iron in breast milk is more potent and is easily absorbed by children. If it is not sufficient, cow’s milk may suffice as it is also a good source of iron.

Eating a Well – Round and Balanced – Diet

Children need to eat foods rich with iron such as cereals, grains, red meat, beans, egg yolks, dark green leafy vegetables, and chicken. Also limit them to foods high in calories because it will tend to slow the absorption of iron.

Iron deficiency in children

Iron deficiency in children

Helping Absorb Iron More Efficiently

Iron needs to be absorbed well in order for it to have an impact or desirable effect on the body. Vitamin C is an element that helps promote the absorption of iron into the body. Therefore, let them eat foods rich in Vitamin C such as tomatoes, melon, potatoes, strawberries, broccoli, kiwi, and apricots.

If your child has a poor appetite, considering taking iron-supplements which may be sufficient enough to fuel the iron needs of the child’s body. However, consult first with your doctor or a pediatrician which regards to iron supplements.

Guide your children to a healthy lifestyle by making sure they take in the right kind of foods especially those high in iron because it can really help the body. It will steady their growth and development towards a healthy body. Be responsible parents and do not leave your children unattended.

Tips For Dealing With Co-Workers You Can’t Stand

Working in a corporate environment means you have to deal with many types of characters and personalities. There are times that you would encounter co-workers you do not like but you are left with no option but to conduct business with them. In these financially trying times, it would be hard to find another job just to avoid your co-workers so the best thing that you can do is to learn strategies to stay professional in your relationship.

Indeed, we can’t change the personality of a person but the good thing is that there are numerous ways to deal with co-workers we do not like. Here are surefire tips that would help you not to feel the emotional stress whenever you are with them:

Don't Let Your Co-Workers Bring You Down

Don’t Let Your Co-Workers Bring You Down

Identify the real problem

The first step that you have to do is to identify what are the things that you do not like about them. What makes you feel annoyed whenever you see them? Is it something about their attitude? Is it their physical appearance? There are sure reasons why you do not like them, so you have to figure out those things. But if you simply can’t think about what makes you hate them, then maybe the problem is you. Ask yourselves questions. Do you wish you had their job? Do you feel they are better than you? Then maybe it’s jealousy. Get rid of envy and hatred; instead, work hard to achieve success in your career.

Just accept the difficult relationship

A perfect workplace simply does not exist. You can really encounter annoying people so the best strategy that you can do is just to accept the fact that people think and behave differently than you do. Try your best to look at the other side of the fence. Understand your co-workers’ points of view. This doesn’t exactly mean that you agree with them but you just have to accept the fact that they have a different way of handling situations.

Learn from those difficult co-workers

If you are left with no choice but to work on a project with co-workers you do not like, then, make it an opportunity to learn from them. When they are displaying behaviors that you do not like, understand what you want to do and who you want to become as you move up in the workplace. If you know that their negative behaviors can affect the outcome of the project, then, react positively. Show to your boss that you are better than them.

5 Strategies To Deal With A Horrible Co-Worker

5 Strategies To Deal With A Horrible Co-Worker

Stop being a people-pleaser

People-pleasers normally do whatever is asked of them to do. Do not be like one just for the sake of avoiding conflicts. Instead, be civil and honest to your co-workers. If you feel like you don’t want to talk to a difficult co-worker, simply tell that person that you are busy and you can’t chat at the moment. Always remember that you are in the office to work and not to make friends.

Working with people you do not like can be quite annoying and distracting. You may lose your focus on the work that you have to finish and end up wasting time and energy trying to keep your emotions under control. The way you deal with difficult co-workers can seriously affect your work attitude and performance, so, the best thing to do is to manage a productive working relationship with people you do not like. Do a little self-reflection and gain more patience and understanding to help you get along with anyone.